Varda Studio is a new and intrepid non-profit theatre company. Its founder, Emil Varda, worked as a theatre director and political dissident in Poland under Communism before fleeing the country after serving time in prison for his activities. He became involved with the downtown theatre scene upon moving to New York City, though other responsibilities ultimately motivated him to pursue different endeavors. Like so many, he has grown increasingly troubled by the direction of the world and the degradation of discourse by the agendas of corrupt, populist politicians and a corporatized intellectual and artistic elite. In Communist Poland theatre had served as a potent public platform for airing subversive views and an important gathering place for marginalized people. Composed of a diverse group of artists from New York City, Varda Studio hopes to return to those roots through creating work that revisits the radical potential of the twentieth century European avant-garde, which allows for complex and wide-ranging forms of artistic and intellectual expression, challenging conventional forms of representation and consciousness without surrendering to sentimentality or postmodern nihilism. They are inspired by traditions such as The Living Theater, Bread and Puppet, Grotowski, Kantor, etc., as well as performance art, Dadaist aesthetics, satire, philosophy, and psychoanalysis, while seeking to experiment with crafting an original theatrical style suited to their specific vision. Their first project working together as a company was developing and performing ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE KURSKI STATION, an adaption of the iconic satirical prose poem “Moscow-Petushki.”