Varda Studio is a non-profit, post dramatic theater company based in downtown Manhattan. Its founder, Emil Varda, has worked as a theater director and actor in Poland and downtown New York City. Like so many, he is troubled by the direction of the contemporary world, abetted by the degradation of discourse by the agendas of corrupt politicians and a corporatized intellectual and artistic elite. In Poland, where he was an active participant in the dissident movement against Communist rule, theater had served as a potent platform for subversive views and activity. Inspired by this legacy, Varda Studio seeks to revisit the radical potential of the twentieth century avant-garde, which allowed for complex and wide-ranging forms of artistic and intellectual expression, challenging conventional forms of representation and consciousness without surrendering to sentimentality or postmodern nihilism. Composed of a diverse, passionate, and ethically driven group of artists from New York City, they look especially to the tradition of the socially involved theater movement and The Open Theater. Their first project, All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station, an adaption of the iconic satirical prose poem “Moscow-Petushki,” played in Manhattan, Lublin, and Berlin. They are currently in rehearsal for The Sickness, a story of drug addiction set in 1980s New York, which will run at the Access Theater in February 2020.